Matchstick Merryweather    

She heats up the stage wherever she goes

Following a fiery magician's assistant mishap, Matchstick Merryweather found herself a young abandon sideshow child aside a lonely highway. She was picked up by a group of drifter burley dancers and the rest is history. Her tragic beginning helps her see the best in all circumstances, but not without developing a healthy love for fire...and gin.


Adora Braul 

She's back for season 2!!!
The product of a one-night stand between a snack cake mogul and an Amazonian woman, Adora Braul spent her youth on a secret island inhabited solely by warrior women. She was raised to live virtues of love, equality, femininity and ass kicking with the whip as her weapon of choice. Adora began to long for a life off the island to dance and meet the mysterious creature known as man. She found her biological father, who was understandably confused, but welcomed her and provided her with funds and an unlimited supply of sugary treats. Fueled by sprinkles and creme filling, Adora danced and whipped her way around the country until she began to miss the female bonds she once knew and so she joined the tribe of Lock and Key Burlesque.

With a whipcrack and a frosted snack, Adora Braul brings the heat and the sweet.


Boudica Snow 

Don't freeze out this goddess

Boudica Snow was discovered wandering the wilderness by a caravan of vagabonds with nothing more than 3 hula hoops, a six gallon tub of peanut butter and 30 G.I. Joe's. Adopting the drifter way she toured town after town in search of something bigger. Armed with her hula hoops, her charm and a little bit of sass she was discovered by The Classy Miss Kitty Cat scratch at a local pub. Boudica was taken under her sequined wing and shown the magical, tantalizing ways of burlesque. And the rest is history...


Miss Kitty Catscratch

The always classy, never trashy, Miss Kitty Catscratch has been performing across the Midwest for nearly 10 years. This rebellious kitten has wandered from home to home, searching for her furrever burlesque family, finally finding it when she created her own! She’s always striving to promote burlesque in the Whiskey City, educating and entertaining along the way! Miss Kitty teaches Burlesque and the art of the tease at California Style Fitness Studio, and invites anyone who wishes to learn how to bump, grind, and shimmy to come have a visit!!! Miss Kitty is ready to claw her way into your heart... and maybe take a little catnap.



He'll make you say "SHAAAAAAZAAAAAAAAAM"!

Classically trained in the art of Prestidigitation. Gambit travels around the world playing with his wand, and making things disappear. in the late harvest moon of 2006, Gambit sold his soul to the devil to perform card tricks. In 2014 Gambit was awarded the Title of one of the top Magicians in the Midwest. He believes selling his soul for Magical hands, is the best decision he's ever made.


Alexis Belle LaVita   

"Beautiful Life" is what her name means, but Alexis Belle LaVita's life was anything but beautiful as a young girl. Separated from her American parents at an early age on a trip to the Italian Riveria, Alexis sought refuge with a group of gypsies. Initially, her blonde hair and emerald green eyes were a novelty among the group, but the novelty wore off due to the attention she received from the crowds, making her an outcast among the locals. Alexis had a gift of seduction along with a clairvoyant nature. Eventually, she escaped her gypsy family and ended up on an isolated island in the Mediterranean Sea. It was there Alexis continued having visions of her future...a flat land of tall corn and big buildings. She decided to follow her visions back to America where she made her way to the heartland. There, she discovered men were mesmerized by her beauty and captivated by her spellbinding essence. Alexis found a safe haven in the Vaudeville circuit of Peoria where a group of fire eating, whip cracking, sensual dancers accepted her for who she was. It was Lock and Key Burlesque who picked her out of the pumpkin patches and made her their very own.


Jem Outrageous   

Jem is a bodacious babe with the exotic skills to match. This pole ninja will pin ya to your seat, speechless with a weakness in your knees with her effortlessly fluid flow of motion. Don't get too distracted by her callipygian figure; you’ll be hard pressed to find a smidgen of flaw on that flashy ass. Having the talent to take her from here to Vegas, prepare to set your eyes upon an act that is truly, truly vivacious: it's Jem Outrageous!


Bubbles LeTit  

Blow a kiss to sweet Bubbles LeTit! With a wink and a smile, this burly babe will melt your heart and warm your loins. She’s bright-eyed, she’s perky, but don’t be fooled by the angelic face or petite frame. As a recovering “good girl”, Bubbles has spent the past decade tormenting lovers and specializing in the art of making others clutch their pearls. She’ll draw you in with a little booty shaking, but don’t step too close; this frisky girl can’t wait to burst your bubble. You’ll be back for more and singing her praises because after all, there is no angry way to say Bubbles!


Josie Wails  

Josie Wails... yes, like the outlaw, except spelled differently… and his family is still alive... and he also has no criminal record... and the last time he road a horse it was attached to four springs. Still, his bad boy flair will make you want to go out and ride a pony! Strangely intrigued by one who is fond of matches, he joined Lock and Key Burlesque. As his style is a bit criminal, he’s no stranger to handcuffs y’all!


Penelope Piston

Penelope Piston aka Penni was found wandering the highways in her underwear, with no memory and nothing but her pet python, Petunia and a jar of moonshine. Rumor has it she's a widow several times over and the deaths of her late husbands are all unsolved mysteries. She used the inheritance money to fund her hobby of building and racing cars on her farm out in the country where she now lives with her pack of blue dogs, chickens, and peacocks. Penni met most of her husbands at the speakeasy she worked at, where she learned she could mesmerize men and women alike with her sultry moves and charming personality. Miss Kitty Catscratch stopped by for a drink one rainy afternoon and saw the power of seduction in Penni's dance and decided to ask her to join her merry band of weirdos to tour the world and entertain the masses. They just have to keep her stocked with lollipops and moonshine, and keep her from heading out to the highways chasing the sound of muscle cars.


Diamond Dior

Diamond Dior, Peoria’s favorite shining stone diva and Sir Artemis Daze, favorite mistress of the night! She will death drop into your hearts and wallets! Miss Diamond Dior, always wanting to be the Grand Diva such as her idol miss Mariah Carey, has high kicked her way into the peoples’ eyes and ears with a name that’s on every mouth. (And every bathroom stall)


Nefaria Siren

Nefaria is a bodacious bombshell with the body and brains to back it up. Her skills with a whip have landed her in the Guinness Book of World Records, many international television appearances and has terrified audience members who were dumb enough to sit in the front rows. Some guy once told her she could earn a hundred bucks for a trick, and since then she’s been busting out impressive feats that blow the minds. This mysterious, mystifying, mistress spent several years slaving away to get her masters degree in fluid dynamics; discovering that didn’t fully satisfy her, she decided that it would be better to stick hot, oily, flaming, props in her mouth for the entertainment of others. Now this dancer, fire performer, and whip artist has spent nearly 20 years pulsating, undulating, and oscillating, her fantastic figure to convince people to hand her money. As a nefarious member of Lock and Key Burlesque and an instructor at California Style Fitness Studio, she loves to tell people what to do; and if you want to be a sub, I mean a student of hers, I'm sure she'd be happy to whip you into shape.


Annabelle Siren

Annabelle Siren spent centuries lounging in the Mediterranean Sea honing her sharp skills of seduction, sinking ships full of sailors with but a single song. She's also fantastic in the bedroom, able to sleep for days on end. Growing bored of the wreckage she left in her wake, she joined up with Nefaria to take the modern world by storm, appearing on television and teaching dance around the country. This sexy siren is here to lure you out of you seats and find out what pearls of wisdom are really in that ocean deep.